Above, Rough-legged Hawk © 2011 Paige Calamari, used with permission from Central Michigan Life.
This rough-legged hawk was released following rehabilitation at WRA. Note the feathers all the way to the toes. "Peaches" was so named for her peach colored underside.


Wildlife Recovery Association is dedicated to promoting the understanding, appreciation and protection of wild raptors and their connection with nature.

Wilma, a beautiful barred owl, is featured in many of our educational presentations.


Looking straight into the dark eyes of a beautiful barred owl, understanding mysterious sounds of the night, learning how an American Kestrel guards its prey…..these are the things that spark an interest in nature and science. Wildlife Recovery Association brings exciting natural history programs to your doorstep for a close look at live hawks and owls in an enjoyable and informative presentation.

Learn about cavity nesting birds, hunting techniques of falcons, specialized adaptations of American Kestrels, and camouflage used by Eastern Screech Owls. Learn about the adaptations of wild hawks and owls; learn about their language, hunting habits, and niche.

Laugh, learn, and develop a passion for these magnificent birds.

  • Presentations are available to any organization in Michigan.
  • WRA is licensed by both state and federal government.
  • WRA is fully insured.
  • We are centrally located in Michigan’s mitten.
  • Presenters are biologists, scientists, and professional educators.
  • We specialize in high quality school programs.
  • School programs are coordinated with state curriculum requirements in science.
  • WRA encourages scientific observations, journalism, critical thinking, and art.
  • Programs are tailored to the level of the audience (children and families through college level and beyond).

To schedule a WRA live bird of prey program, call (989) 772-1538.
Your will need to leave a message; calls will be returned in approximately one week.
A detailed map and confirmation letter is required two weeks before the presentation date.

             Enjoy these magnificent birds and learn how to help them!